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Looking for a Credit Repair Specialist?
Fixing bad credit isn’t something to be taken lightly. Only by working with a genuine credit repair specialist, can you hope to fight low sores and credit report errors successfully.

Are you looking for a credit repair specialist? If so, look no further.

For the next 72-hours, you can sign up to receive a comprehensive credit audit from me, Brandon Beckwith. As well as your audit, you will also receive a one-on-one credit analysis consultation with me personally.

Increase Your Credit Score by Removing Inaccuracies
79% of credit reports analyzed by experts like ourselves are found to contain errors.

Sadly, some of the best credit repair companies online won’t bother to check your credit report for errors. They will simply advise that you start using high-fee credit cards to rebuild your credit slowly.

At Five Star Credit Solutions, we believe that you deserve better. This is why for the next 72-hours, we are providing you with a unique opportunity to fix your credit for just $67 enrollment/credit analysis fee.


  • Get the assistance you need to identify errors and remove these fast.
  • Benefit from the fast removal of collection and charge-off penalties from your credit report.
  • Get expert one-on-one support from a credit repair specialist who regularly takes on TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
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The Get Started Process

There are 3 parts to the Enrollment/On-boarding process. Once you fill out the form on this page a link will be sent to your email to start the enrollment process.

Credit Monitoring

As a client of Five Star Credit, your are REQUIRED to obtain and maintain monthly credit monitoring services from our PREFERRED provider. The cost will be $24.99.
This is required throughout the duration of services, so we can see accurate updates while we are working on your report.


Your on-boarding must be completed within 48 hours. On-boarding takes between 10-15 minutes to complete and without it, we are unable to start your services.

Keep In Mind

You must be willing to commit to the process. This is a partnership. Paying your bills on time, Building positive credit and Keeping your balances on your credit cards low are minimal requirements that we expect from all of our clients.

If you are currently LATE on your bills, Please do not enroll. We certainly do not want to be another financial burden for you.

How We Get It Done
How we help you improve your credit score is simple.
We hold creditors, collection agencies, and credit rating agencies to account, as per their obligations under The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Under the FCRA, credit bureaus have just 30-days to investigate disputes concerning any possible inaccuracy on your credit report. Where they can’t prove that information is accurate, data must be deleted accordingly.

Sadly, credit bureaus don’t make it easy to file disputes. Neither o most consumers know how to identify potential credit report irregularities. Thankfully, at Five Star Credit Solutions, we do.